Sometimes in leadership I think transparency is one of the hardest things to master. I believe the key in life to clarity in leadership, mission, and personal purity is to consistently put ourselves in situations where we are forced to be candid, real, honest with not only ourselves, but to be able to experience the freedom of letting others see the messiness inside of us so that we are never alone in it. Webster’s dictionary defines the word transparent as the ability for light to shine through a subject as to let whatever is within or behind to be “distinctly seen.” that means for my ability to grow to be realized, I must let my heart be “distinctly seen” by others. Not just seen from a distance, or casually talked about, but brutally thrown into the spotlight for God’s light to be shown through me. This takes great humility that is surely uncommon in our culture. As the bible says “in our weakness HE is STRONG”, I believe the same is true for our transparency. Until we are honest with our sin, shortcomings, and failures, God’s power to heal and restore is placed on hold until we begin to realize our need for it and desire the clarity to live life a different way.


One thought on “Transparency

  1. 07amanda says:

    I COMPLETELY agree, transparency is NOT easy. I for one do not like letting people see what that I struggle with. Especially when you know people hold you on a pedistool, and you get constantly judged for being human.

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