A great hope for the average

I don’t know about you, but I wake up many days just feeling average.  Many of the days of my life I have lived like it too. I used to believe that God really wanted to use the extremely gifted among us. The one’s who naturally are talented, strong, and impressive in many areas of life. While God does use these people, I think He loves redeeming things that nothing else can fix. That He would rather use the humble, the unexpected, and the opportunity to show how powerful He can be. This is where a relationship with Jesus is better than anything else in the world. He has the power to redeem us from all aspects of brokenness and give us the true gift of deep inner healing if only we choose to move in the direction He is taking us. I am not talking about surface level band-aid fixes, but rather being transformed from our “average” lives to becoming a distinctly new person. My definition of average has nothing to do with natural abilities but rather God’s ability to determine the outcome and product of our lives.

How do you and I become more average? Ignore God’s plan for us, ignore the beautiful chance you are being given right this second to turn things around and commit your life more fully to Him, ignore the voice inside of you that knows something is wrong but you are scared to do something about it, you may think average is normal, but it is not what you and I were born to be. God’s plan was never for us to be average. It was never for us to do anything other than what we were uniquely created and fashioned to do by HIM. We were created to live in right standing with God and to be drawn to the light of Christ and simply be a mirror that reflects the light that is shining on us towards a profoundly dark world. Becoming more than average only requires finding better ways to understand, be defined by, and more fully pass the light that is infusing us with blessing, hope, and power on to others.

I believe that there is a great hope for the average. The Bible should be all the evidence you need. Look at who Jesus invested into, look at who He used to change the world. He used the most unlikely of people. The one’s no one else would have chosen. The one’s that needed multiple chances, didn’t understand much, and failed often. There is something so unique and special about a God like that, one who sees past our current state into what we have the potential to become and then puts each and every one of us in a position to realize that potential.

This promise is extended to you and I, and to be even more clear, Jesus is the ONLY hope for every person on this earth.  Jesus loved to use the average… I actually think He actually prefers it.. This should give you and I an inconceivable hope. Greatness is not a pre-requisite to being picked and used in powerful ways for His team and His glory. God please give me, my friends, and my enemies the grace to be more than average.


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