Hide and Seek

Why is it so hard for us to admit when we are wrong? What makes it so hard to not let people see the mess that we sometimes are inside? The garden of Eden was meant to be a place where we were free from pain, that perfection would win the day. It would be absent of confusion and any need to hide anything. It was meant to be a place where no hiding would be necessary.  This is where the Bible begins: What great freedom we are offered in the ability to take of the mask’s that hide who we really are deep down inside. What is the cost? Is it really true that I can find freedom in not only coming to God with my hidden things, but by also letting others know where I attempt to hide. Musician Derek Webb explained it this way. He said that the best thing for each one of us would be for all of our sins, the ones we have tried the hardest to hide, would literally be broadcast on the 5 o clock news. That all of our darkest, most embarrassing moments would be shown for everyone to see, in order that we would no longer have the option to hide from people and that would have nothing but Jesus to cling onto. He goes on to say that the truth is that our sins ALREADY have been exposed to Jesus. But that we should take heart, because our Savior is real and the forgiveness He offers is real. Wouldn’t it be easier to live life with the freedom to not worry about hiding, we we’re never meant to do it.

1. Hiding from God.– Its funny to think about Adam and Eve trying to hide from God in the garden of Eden when they knew that God created them, was powerful and even walked with them. They still made coverings to begin to hide their nakedness in Genesis
2. Hiding from yourself… Hypocrisy is tough to see in the mirror. We never like to admit we are wrong, that we don’t know, or that we are doing something unwise or even stupid. We would rather go on living in our fantasy world where everything is ok and not deal with the fear of admitting to ourselves that we have problems that need to be admitted before they can be defeated.
3. Hiding in our stuff—We love to hide in our smartphones, computer’s, magazine’s, video games, crossword puzzles, gym memberships, clothes, its the stuff that has distracted us daily from depth in our relationship with God. Our stuff probably helps and encourages us to hide more than anything else in our lives. Most of the things we call entertainment really seduce us into giving more of our hearts and attention and we unintentionally begin to be sucked into being serial and professional hiders.
4. Hiding your hurt– Most of us have been hurt by someone or something in the course of our lives. This is a common place for us to hide. For the person who has been cheated on it’s easy to want to never trust again, for the person who has been robbed of something emotionally significant to want to live in unforgiveness. Our past hurts sometimes even affect how we view God. If we had an abusive earthly father, its hard to see God as a loving father. If we have been repeatedly lied to, its hard to believe that God is the Truth. Our hurts affect how we view the world and in turn play an important role in why we do the things we do. Unresolved hurt or anger can derail even the best of us and even the ones who would never expect it to “happen to them.” We need to lay our hurts out one by one and let them come into the light so that in God’s time we can move past them. Our natural tendencies will always be to keep these inside because they are extremely painful and sensitive to even bring up, but they are pages that need to be we-written in our lives and wounds that need to be healed, no matter how long the process takes.
5. Hiding your addictions– Porn, alcohol, drugs, lust, power, security, you can fill in the blank in your life. Addictions hold significant power to handcuff us from living significant lives for God. When we hide these things from others we are choosing insane battles that could be fought with an army instead of in isolation. Addictions are rarely overcome on our own power. We need community, sometimes professional help, and most importantly the true power of Jesus in order to win at the end of the day.
6. Hiding in your activities– I have had many friends over the years that go from sport to sport, activity to activity, and in the process clearly crowd God out of their lives with things that could definitely be labeled as “good” things. There is nothing wrong with being involved with different activities in life, but if they are helping us hide from God and others by taking up so much time that no one really knows who we are, then we should definitely take a step back.
7. Hiding in your relationships– If you have ever played the game Sardines (Reverse hide and seek) you may be able to relate to what we end up doing relationally.  Do you know that many times when we are meant to be finding people and rescuing them from brokenness we end up hiding with them instead and getting lost in the very thing we meant to save someone else from.

I am constantly trying to avoid hiding myself. It’s every day that something seems to be pulling me back into trying to hide who I am from you, and from God. I’m praying that God will continue to help me to not be afraid in any circumstance to show who I really am to anyone who is interested enough to hear. God let your light shine into the darkest parts of our being and bring forth the transparency for us to no longer have the motivation to hide anymore! 🙂


One thought on “Hide and Seek

  1. Paul says:

    Wow. Very well written. And I couldn’t agree more…

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